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DIRECT ENERGY: Quick and Direct Kick for Mental Performance


GoMo DIRECT ENERGY stands for quick and direct energy input, exactly when you need it. Whether during sports, while learning, when taking an exam, at work, or on a long ride.


The human brain consumes roughly 150g dextrose – also called glucose or grape sugar – per day. Our DIRECT ENERGY products combine dextrose with additional energising ingredients. Depending on the variety, these ingredients are plant powders and extracts, vitamins, minerals, caffeine and other proven stimulants.

That way, tasty recipes emerge taking effect quickly and safely. New to the range are the varieties Matcha and Maca in organic quality.


Thanks to the very fine-grained powder form, energy is already absorbed via the oral mucosa. Hence, effects are already noticeable after a short period of time.




All ingredients and packaging are sourced from ISO-certified partners and each batch is specifically checked for composition and properties. Each GoMo is produced, hermetically sealed and safely packaged in Germany under IFS-GMP conditions in accordance with the highest quality standards.


We systematically refrain from using preservatives, artificial colouring as well as functional additives – this applies to all DIRECT ENERGY products, too. In addition, each GoMo is lactose and gluten-free as well as certified vegan.


Scientifically proven

The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) issues precise effect descriptions for verifiably effective substances. Related claims are listed next to respective product varieties.



It’s as easy as…

Tip the contents of a GoMo stick in small amounts suitable for you directly into your mouth and enjoy portion by portion.

Our DIRECT ENERGY products are also predestined as toppings on your cereals or as ingredients in smoothies.


Recommended intake: 1-3 serving sticks per day, depending on the variety

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