For concentration and performance


For thousands of years caffeine has helped people to stay awake and alert. Together with a high dose of Vitamin B12, folic acid, magnesium and zinc, GoMo increases the attention span and is there to help when the grey cells need a boost. To learn easier and stay alert for longer.

Before and during Activities


Sportspeople value GoMo especially for the control and safety the use of single sachets offers. Whether mixed with 250mls or 1000mls of water, the amount of active ingredients and supply of energy can be controlled accurately. Besides caffeine, L-carnitine, magnesium and B-vitamins provide additional support for the metabolism. Thus, as a power supply low in calories and sugar-free, GoMo gives the extra push during the last miles of a marathon or helps to win the deciding serve.

Goodbye, 1pm slump – cheerio, gruelling night-shift


When it works, it works. At the same time we all know the slump into an energy low – often in situations when attention and attentiveness are required: During work at the computer, exchange with colleagues or during night-shifts. Thanks to the potent dosage of proven ingredients tested for their effectiveness, GoMo helps to be awake and to stay awake.

The spontaneous source of energy – always and everywhere at hand


An attentive mind and a good physical condition are important for safe actions and safe arrival. Thus GoMo is the ideal companion for all who embark on long journeys.

Whether on a business trip as an energy boost before landing, during an excursion, long travel or drives – GoMo is always with you and ready to hand when the eyelids are getting heavy.

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