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INSTANT ENERGY: Quality = Effect x Flavour x Safety


Quality is the result of 3 factors:
Depending on the variety, effects are based on the ideal interaction of caffeine, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and amino acid derivatives as well as plant extracts.


Responsible for the flavour experience are plant extracts, natural aromas, citric acid and a variety-specific sweetener.


All ingredients and packaging are sourced from ISO-certified partners and each batch is specifically checked for composition and properties. Each GoMo is produced, hermetically sealed and safely packaged in Germany under IFS-GMP conditions in accordance with the highest quality standards.


Achieving the highest quality with only what’s absolutely necessary- that’s our main objective. That’s why we don’t use preservatives, artificial colouring or functional additives like anti-foaming agents. What’s more, every GoMo is sugar-free, low-calorie, lactose and gluten-free and certified vegan.



It’s as easy as…

Tip the contents of a GoMo stick into a glass or drink bottle, then fill it up with 250ml of still or carbonated water. Watch it for 30 seconds. No shaking – no stirring. Just enjoy. Ice-cold in summer. Hot in winter.


Bio Qualität gmp ifs made in germany